Your office portal system will be CTI system, automatically!

Your existing office portal site will be CTI(*1) system without modification.

*1 Computer Telephony Integration

"We think you take cost Adding a CTI function your existing office portal system.
With The Extension Power, Your existing office portal site will be reborn as CTI system without modification.
Add CTI control functions in the site that is displayed by The Extension Power's phone number detection engine."

Extension phone button operation is unnecessary.

You can operate easy by a few clicks,
without knowing how to use the multi-function phone.

"Multi-function phone operation is difficult if not familiar.
In The Extension Power, it was realized the typical operation of the multi-functional phone with simple user interface.
You can `Make call`, `Answer call`, `Hold call`, `Drop call` easily.
Unnecessary to learn the operation of multi-function phone!"

At the time of the incoming call

At the time of the incoming call,
Pop up a caller information!

"Do you think that it is convenient if you can know, who is calling, before answering the phone call?
The Extension Power will Pop up a caller information to your PC screen, At the time of the incoming call.
Then, if you add a name and phone number in the address list, displayed the address information from phone number at the time of an incoming call.
You will never say, ``Please tell me your name?``."

Browsing the Web site.

Phone calling operation
from telephone number on any Web site.

"Normally, check the phone number on the Web site.
Then, you type number to telephone, don't you?
The Extension Power grants CTI control functions to the telephon number in any Web site.
you can make call from your extension phone with the easy click operation. Never, mistyped call."

Pick up incoming call to company by your smartphone!!

Pick up incoming call to company by your smartphone!!

"With the Extension Power, you can answer incoming calls to your company's phone with your smartphone.
In recent years when the installation of landline telephones decreases, You may want to use a smartphone to answer incoming calls.
You can set a user-specified number as a pickup target without using conventional PBX pickup technology.
There is no need for PBX work due to floor changes.
The company incoming call can be answered by FMC or ordinary carrier mobile phone (outside line), which is very useful for free-addressing.
It is possible to answer by your smartphone that all incoming calls to a company and a representative of a department."

In smartphone from outside my office.

Using the smartphone from outside of office,
Make call from the companies telephone number.

"I want to contact to my client from another sales destination, but I have personal mobile phone only!!
And, I don't want to be known my personal mobile phone number...
Such a scene there are many.
Ring call function of the Extension Power, You can call from your extension phone by the companies telephone number to your mobile phone, then, will connect to your client.
Caller number as seen from the client is a companies phone number using mobile phone."

To convenient address book.

Integrate your address information.

"Your contacts information, e-mail, phone number were being stored each devices(PC, tablet, mobile phone)?
Address list function of the Extesion Power, You can use 3 types of address. There are office user address, private address, and shared address.
Let's integrate your addresses. This is one of benefits of The Extension Power!"