Use scene of The Extension Power links UNIVERGE IP-PBX.

By using The Extension Power, it's much convenient around NEC's extension environment.

` I thought Phone is just a machine to talk.` Mady who is office lady said.

It is rarely use extension phone directly, after introduced The Extension Power.
Because, at the time of the incoming call, pop-upped caller's information on the PC screen, if already address information is registered.
Before you pick up the phone, can know caller's information.So, you can easily start business conversation.

`So far, I often asked to spell of customer's name. It took the time and was quite frustrating.
It becomes smoother to transfer the call to the person in charge after using The Extension Power.`

Person in charge often picks up the phone directly, because when incoming call to shared line, pop-upped caller's information to everyone's screen.

How do you think? The Extension Power supports daily work smoother and more convenient around extension phone environment.

it is much convenient around extension environment.

Already built PBX.
Next, we wanted to implement CTI to the office directory site, though worried about costing.
But it has become no problem for us!

One month ago, we had problem.
`It was too costly to implement CTI functions to our office site, because built PBX.`, Shanon said sullenly.

The Extension Power grants automatically CTI control functions to not only office system but also telephone number on any type of web-site by The Extension Power's phone number detection engine.
We planned the project to develop CTI functions to our office system, instead introduced The Extension Power, we solved everything.

`High-lighted phone numbers on web-site automatically, and we click phone number then address information pop-upped and make call, transfer and conference.
Also, it is very good that we don't need to consider about data migration.`, he said.

The Extension Power can do call control `make call, make ring call(2 regs call), transfer, conference` from phone number characters.
Recently, we haven't almost operated multi-function phone directly.

I worried about costing.

I am almost outside of office during business time.
Catch the business chance using smart phone!

`I am almost outside of my office during business time.
I always come back to my office after evening.
A lot of incoming calls comes for me.`, Josh who is the ace of sales said.

He is getting a lot of business chance after using The Extension Power.
So far, I lost a lot of business chance, because I couldn't know who called me.
I can see incoming calls history of my office from outside by using smart phone, then I can call back soon.

The Extension Power has UI optimized for smart phone.
It is available to check call history and search address information.
I don't want to use personal mobile phone to call back.
Using ring call function(2 regs call), You can use personal phone as making call from the companies telephone number.

Customer has never known I am using my mobile phone to make call from outside of my office.
Caller number as seen from the customer is a company's phone number using mobile phone.

Catch the business chance using smart phone!